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Rare Large Lord Shiva Statue With Complete Custom Made Temple Stand

Rare Large Lord Shiva Statue With Complete Custom Made Temple Stand

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Rare Large Lord Shiva statue with complete custom made temple stand.
This whole set with statue temple stand has took us some months to make.
This whole set comes with the large stone decorated Shiva statue, custom made Red/Gold Diamante Temple stand, large Brass Diya, large brass Trident / Trishul, Rudraksha Mala.

This large statue has been all stone decorated by hand with a lot of detail and effort.
The size of the actual Shiva statue is:
Height- 39.5cm
Width- 24cm
Depth- 18cm.
Statue made of Part Marble, Part Stone with diamante / stone decoration work.

The temple stand has been custom made for this statue. The temple stand is made of wood, with red sill paisley fabric, carpet, diamante strip decoration with cold base trim decoration.

The size of the temple stand is:
Height- 47.8cm
Width- 60.3cm
Depth- 26cm.

The large Trishul / Trident Size is: 31.5cm tall, with Rudraksha Mala.
Brass Diya size is: 8.8cm height, 14.5cm diameter.

You have everything you need with this complete Lord Shiva set up with only 1 being available and made and present.
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